Milmon Amule Dennis

east africa operations director


Milmon Amule Dennis is our East Africa Operations Director. He is in charge of the newly installed aquaponic system in Aura, Uganda.

Milmon completed Secondary School at Koboko Public Secondary School in the year 2011, he also did Sudan School Certificate in the year 2013 and a Certificate in Agro-Entrepreneurship in the year 2015 at Harvesters Vocational Training Centre [HVTC].

Milmon is a young man from South Sudan, he was born in Yei River county of Central Equatorial State and one of Kamba and Monica Dennis’s six children.  Milmon is a born again Christian who accepted Jesus Christ in the year 2012.  He is a hard working young farmer who is interested in learning additional agricultural skills to help his nation. Where Milmon comes from in South Sudan has a very vast fertile land with enough water from rains rivers lakes and swamps. His state is known for producing some of the best coffee in the world and also exports teak lumber around the world. Yei river county is blessed with enough natural resources suitable for farming and other economical activities. Due to the on going war in South Sudan Milmon took refuge in Northern Uganda where he is currently working for TAG.

He is a hard working, innovative and determined young man who can work in any kind of environment. Milmon is hoping to learn more from his employment with TAG and transfer the knowledge to South Sudan.   


Godfrey Otugbo

east africa operations site monitor


Godfrey joins Milmon as his site monitor, and they work together to collect data and keep the Aura research center fully functioning. Godfrey is hard-working and eager to learn agriculture and data collection.

"I am Godfrey Otugbo, 19 years old and from Uganda.  I live in Arua, Uganda, and I’m a Born Again Christian. I was born to Zacharias and Betty, then became a street kid. Until God used Calvary chapel ministry to get me out of the street to serve him. I’m currently working for TAG's Arua as site monitor and learning a lot from a blessed, young, hard-worker, Milmon, who is working tirelessly. I’m blessed to be a part of the team."